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About Us


Welcome to Giggles Day Nursery


Giggles Day Nursery is a family run private day nursery based in Skelmersdale and was established in April, 2014. At Giggles Day Nursery we are committed to creating a comfortable, safe and secure environment for every child to grow. We encourage this growth through partnership with our families providing parents with the reassurance that their children are looked after within our nurturing hands.​ Our priorities are our children and their happiness and we ensure that every child has the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, to develop individual skills and to gain an appreciation of the world according to their abilities. 


Throughout all age groups we follow the standards set within The Early Years Foundation Stage. (EYFS) The EYFS sets the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five years old. This is a very important stage as it helps children get ready for school as well as preparing them for their future learning and successes. Our staff at Giggles Day Nursery are fully qualified and experienced to enable them to deliver the EYFS to meet the care, development and learning needs set. We strive to deliver the legal welfare requirements to keep the children safe, encouraging their progression through the seven areas of learning and developing their skills through children's play.  We track all progress through regular assessments allowing us to understand the specific needs of every child under our care. This ensures all of our children reach the Early Learning Goals needed by the age of 5 years. 

We pride ourselves on providing excellent childcare 51 weeks of the year, offering both full time and part time places. We try our best to be flexible and accommodating, fitting the needs of every family. We have well equipped facility with specific areas that the children access to support their development, including a Baby room, caring for children aged 0-2 years. A toddler room, Caring for children aged 2-3 years and a Pre-school room, caring for children aged 3+.

At Giggles we are focused on creating a positive learning environment for all families taking into account diversity, culture and equality. We ensure that every child is treated equally irrelevant of race, gender or religion. 

"We are committed to providing a happy, safe and secure learning environment where your child will grow and flourish"​

We Love An Event:

Here at Giggles, we try to celebrate as many events throughout the year as possible such as; Easter, World Book Day, Chinese New Year, Children in need, Halloween. Alongside that, we try to plan unique activities and trips if possible. One of our best events we host each year is our Graduation. Our graduation is a chance for all of the children who are leaving for school to have a small ceremony were they are all celebrated for their amazing developement over their time at giggles. This is one of our happiest and saddest days bundled into one. 


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